Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just went to two wedding dinners in Malaysia over the weekend. One in Muar and the other in JB. Paiseh, did not take many photos coz I can't find my camera battery charger. So I only use my hp to take all the photos.

On Friday, 16/9, Ah-Kim came to fetch us (my auntie, grandma, mum and me) from Singapore and drove us to her house in JB for a buffet dinner at her house. Her daughter is getting married on Sunday! Congrats!! xD Reached her house at around 4pm. Could have reached earlier but there was some held-up at the custom.

A lot of food for the buffet (forgot to take photos) and my Ah-Kim has ordered a Lok Lok van. This is the first time I've eaten from a Lok Lok van despite the many times I've been to Malaysia. No idea why. Long queue for the guy to help us to cook the food so we ended up cooking the food ourselves.

Lok Lok van.

Lots of food to choose from xD

After the buffet dinner, my xiao yi zhang came to fetch us to Muar to go for another buffet dinner. Second round. Lolx~ The drive from JB to Muar is about 2.5 hours. Wah, I can't imagine driving for so long. So tiring!

Did not eat much for the second round. Too full liao. They have employed some singers and have Karaoke for the guests to go on the stage and sing. OMG! The singing was so loud that we can't hear what each other said, like in a night club. Oh yeah, I think the groom's eldest sister is very pretty. Wanted to take her photo but paiseh lah.

Went to xiao yi zhang's house to stay for the night. His house is big and nice. Sometimes, I think that it's not bad to stay in Malaysia. The houses and cars are much cheaper than Singapore and it is not so crowded. However, xiao yi zhang's wife (xiao yi) said that the tax for imported cars has increased by 300%. OMG! That's crazy! Maybe they wanna promote their Proton car =.=.

Wedding car. The bear looks cute!

The next day (Saturday), we went to our relative's house to see the arrival of the bride and the tea ceremony. They put the fire crackers to welcome the bride. So loud!

My Mum, for the tea ceremony. 

My Grandma, for the tea ceremony. Reaction was too slow and she has just finished drinking the tea and was walking away =.=

Can you tell that these are Malaysia ringgit ang bao. Cool right? Do we have this in Singapore? 

After the afternoon tea ceremony, we went back to xiao yi zhang's house to rest and get ready for the wedding dinner at night.

The wedding was held in a school hall.

Our table.

The wedding gifts. So cute! It's sweets inside.

After the wedding dinner, we went back to xiao yi zhang's house. Played some mahjong with my relatives. Won a few RM dollars.

The next day, we took a bus at 9am from the bus interchange in Muar to JB. The bus was late lor. While waiting for the bus to arrive, I saw people filming. Don't know who's the actor though.

Filming in Muar, Malaysia.

Got down at the wrong stop in JB. My Ah-Kim came to fetch us to her house to get ready before the wedding lunch at Sutera Mall, Pekin Restaurant.

Lunch reception. 


The display at the VIP table. My grandma sat there. 

The setting at our normal table. Haha~

The wedding cake.

I like this lobster soup. Should use this instead of shark fin's soup. Save the sharks! 

Yam Seng!!

Guests also toast to the couple and their families.

Went shopping at Sutera Mall after the reception. Kenna nagged at by my Mum again =.= (Don't wanna talk about that.)

Saw this Snoopy shop but didn't buy anything there. Too old for Snoopy liao. I used to love the Snoopy shop and cafe in Plaza Singapura!

Bought a pair of boots there! xD

Bought some bookmarks for my students like I promise to.

After shopping, Ah-Kim brought us to have crabs at this place (can't remember the name now). I have my favourite black pepper crabs. Yummy! It was cheap too. It only cost RM300 plus for 12 people in total. When you convert to SGD, it's only like S$100 plus. How to eat so much seafood for S$100 plus in Singapore? 

Went to Ah-Kim's house to sleep for the night. Saw that the dog, Jaco, is so poor thing. Feel quite sad now that his owner has married off. 

Jaco is sleeping. So cute~

Close-up photo of him sleeping.

The next day, Monday, went to Jusco Bukit Indah to shop. Bought 2 tops and some food to give away. Wanted to buy more but the attitude of this sales girl in this shop was damn rude and she didn't want to let me try on the tops there. WTH lor. Got changing rooms why cannot try clothes. What is the changing room for then? I prefer shopping at KL. The sales people are all so nice and polite in general as compared to JB. One thing I like about JB is that there weren't many people shopping and it wasn't as crowded as KL and Singapore.

Wanted to find hp cover for my hp but can't find any nice ones there. Regretted not buying my hp cover in Sutera Mall yesterday. Saw one quite nice with ribbons all that at Sutera Mall for RM19.90 only.

My loots. 

For my baogege  

Home sweet home on Monday night =) I miss my house and my room. Funny hor?

I miss my baogege too ♥


robin said...

thanks for sharing and noted on something too . with lots of love :)

elderflowertea said...

noted on what?

Miss Silly said...

Lol~ you and bao gege can have some wedding idea from there.. haha.. :D

robin said...

something interesting that can be considered i learn from ur post :)

elderflowertea said...

@Miss Silly: Haha. I thought of going somewhere to take wedding photos. Somewhere outside Singapore!

robin said...

noted. =)