Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photos time. Yays~!! Just wanna share some random photos here and there =)

Had a gathering at Meatworks in ION Orchard one day with Robin, Verlene, Samuel, Jasmin and Desmond. Long time didn't see them, especially Verlene and Samuel.

Did not have a good experience there coz the Chicken Legs which Desmond and I ordered were out of stock. WTH lah~!! We waited for 30mins for our food (damn hungry okie) and the others' food were all served except Desmond and mine. When we checked with the waiter, he told us that he did take our order for the Chicken Legs but as it was out of stock, the system automatically cancelled our order. Wah biangz!! Can the system just automatically cancel customers' orders without informing the customers? So we have waited in vain?

Jasmin asked to speak to his manager but the manager wasn't around. The supervisor came out to meet us instead. He's quite a nice guy. He told us to order something else FOC. On the house. We ordered salmon spaghettis and they came quite fast as he has promised =).

Samuel's sandwich and fries

My spaghetti - not really nice

Robin's steak. Looks nice!

Can see through to their kitchen 

The sitting area

After dinner, we went to a pub in Clarke Quay area called China One. Even though it's called China One, it doesn't mean that there are a lot of Chinese there hor. By the way, although there's a dance area there, there weren't many people dancing. Only a few "weird" ones dancing. Haha.

I have to kop some photos from the Internet coz I can't take nice photos with my phone in the dark.

The interior (taken from the Internet)

There're also pool tables (taken from the Internet). Desmond and Robin played. I don't know who win though.

Lastly, our photos...

Can see? 

Better =)

Okie, that's all for this post.


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