Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brighton Trip Part 1

I went on a business trip to our head office in Brighton, UK with Jerica in January this year. Was kind of excited to go! Haha. Took the flight to London Heathrow airport.

Took SQ business class. Nice =)

I love the seats! It can be made into a bed.

The satay is really very good.

This is lobster thermidor. I chose/ordered this. For more information, kindly see here -

The flight took around 13 hours. Did not sleep much on the plane. Watched a couple of movies. Upon reaching Heathrow airport, somebody came to pick us up and drove us to Brighton. It was cold there! About 9 degree Celsius.

By the way, we stayed in Jurys Inn ( It was an average hotel. No room service though. At least the room was clean =) We had a room each to ourselves.

Somehow, I slept very early when I was there. Much earlier than in Singapore.

Can see somebody working in his office from my hotel room. Haha.

We went supermarket shopping once we reached. Did not know where to have dinner and it was raining so I just had biscuits for dinner. Jerica was not in the mood for dinner. I didn't have much mood too. Perhaps it was due to jet lag. Wanted to buy cup noodles but we could not find any cup noodles in the supermarket. Think cup noodles are not popular there.

I love how the supermarkets are not crowded overseas.

They sell ready made cakes there.

So cute!!


oyhz said...

the me-to-you bear packaging is so cute! :)

elderflowertea said...

@OY HZ: Yeah, so cute!! Too bad, I didn't buy to try the taste. Don't know how it taste like.