Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brighton Trip Part 4

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Jerica and I went to London for the weekend during our work trip in Brighton. Yay! Finally. Rushed back to the hotel to pack and hurried to the train station to catch the train to London. As we were in a rush, I didn't take any photo at the Brighton train station. Boo. We haven't had dinner then as well. Thankfully, food is allowed on the train and I have brought along some biscuits. I think it took around 1 hour plus to reach London Victoria Station. I think lah, I can't really remember it now.

Selfie on the train.

A quick photo at the London Victoria Station. We are here!!

Victoria Train Station. It was crowded!

Queuing up to buy tickets to take to Bayswater Tube Station - where our hotel is. I would recommend that you buy an Octopus card if you are going to travel around London. It will be cheaper. By the way, I think that guy behind counter 2 is from Hong Kong. He has that Hong Kong accent. 

Passed by Notting Hill Gate Tube Station.

It was difficult to get to our hotel. Poor us, we had to lug our heavy hand carry and ask around for directions. Luckily, we met a very nice lady who helped us to find the hotel. She is really very helpful and friendly! Many thanks to her =)

As we only confirmed our trip rather last minute, many of the hotels which we wanted to stay in initially were fully booked. After much consideration, we chose to stay in the London House Hotel. (Website: http://www.londonhousehotels.com). If I remember correctly, the room cost about GBP160 per night. Or somewhere around there lah. I think that it is very expensive as there was no breakfast provided. The room that we had was rather small and the bed was too bouncy/shaky. I can feel Jerica's movement on the bed. Like if she moves, the bed will shake. Not sure if you know what I mean? Anyway, there was no twin room left. Only the double room so we had to share a bed.

Overall, I think that the hotel is ok. It is clean, decent and located near the tube station (once you know your way around). There are also many restaurants nearby.

Da-dang! This was our hotel for 2 nights. See, the words are so small. Really very difficult to spot. Luckily, I spotted it. Hee xD

The lobby. Very empty.

Pardon our messy bed. Could not wait to dump our things somewhere. Was so tired trying to find the hotel.

Very small toilet =(

We went out to have our dinner after checking in and putting down our things. Chose to eat at Bella Italia as Jerica wanted to have spaghetti.

This was where we had our dinner.

The menu with food prices in London.

There were many people in the restaurants.

Very expensive mineral water. I think that it cost around GBP4. Sorry, I have a bad memory.

My carbonara spaghetti. Wanted to try the tiramisu cake but it was sold out. Boo.

The nearest tube station to our hotel. Did not take a photo of this initially because Jerica was rushing to find the hotel first.

A shopping centre near the hotel which we never explore. No time!

The iconic red London mailbox.

Think that I look quite weird here. Boo.

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