Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Review - Fish & Co at Vivocity

Tried out Fish & Co at Vivocity with Diana. Haven't eaten at Fish & Co for quite some time. Fish & Co serves all their food in a unique Mediterranean style - in a pan! This was an inspiration drawn from the simple practices of South African fisherman; who caught seafood fresh from the seas and cooked them immediately in the pan. This method of presenting freshly cooked fish and seafood meals is pretty unique and further enhances the relaxed, friendly and engaging environment which the founders have set out to achieve.

Anyway, if I remember correctly, I think they have changed their menu and added more dishes. It looked different to me.

The menu. It looks like a magazine. Haha~

See, they have so many types of fish now. It wasn't like that previously right? My memory is still good right?

I ordered the Singapore Fish & Chips. Haha. Must support Singapore mah. How patriotic. Hee~ Anyway, it is not bad. Can go try =)

I can't remember what Diana ordered.

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