Friday, December 21, 2012

New Year celebrations at Genting

Hi people. We have survived the supposedly doom's day. And the new year is coming. So what shall we do to usher in 2013? Where are you going for your countdown? If you find that counting down in Singapore is boring after all these years, why not consider a new location - Genting? Genting is about 7 hours coach ride from Singapore and the cost to go Genting is not great. You can just stay 3 days 2 nights and get involved in a different new year countdown celebration!

Do take a look at and see what you can do and eat if you want to go to Genting for a short trip this year end. For me, I would like to attend the New Year Eve Countdown at Cloud 9, Maxims Genting because I have never countdown to New Year in another country. Really. More info about the New Year Eve Countdown at Cloud 9 can be found here:

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