Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nantsuttei at Parco Marina Bay

Have you all been to Parco Marina Bay? It is situated inside Millenia Walk. There are many small shops selling unique clothes. There are also many Japanese eateries/restaurants in the mini Japanese gourmet town located on level 2. Nantsuttei is one such eatery. It specializes in ramen.

Nantsuttei has been drawing a growing fan-base since her opening two years ago. Specializing in the use of Kuro Mayu (garlic oil) in their creations, much hype has been generated about the popular outlet- especially with their salty and spicy Ramen offerings. When I went there with Onyee, there was a long queue lined up outside the considerably small dining venue. The interior setting appeared to be rather cramped with their seats situated rather closely to one another; hinting of the fact that it is a place whereby one simply ‘eats and goes’.

Many people dining there. 

Yummy ramen!!!

Went home after dinner with Onyee on that day as I was feeling unwell. On my way home, I saw the Chingay Parade. One of them was the NUS float.


robin said...

i love jap food esp sushi and sashimi

Yummy ........ :)

Anonymous said...

A lot of places to eat ramen these days.