Saturday, January 7, 2012

Entry tests for students

There are a lot of things in the news recently which interest me greatly so I guess I will be blogging about them. I welcome discussions and comments about the topics.

After reading this article, do you think that tuition/enrichment centres should set entry tests for students? If it is to assess the ability of the students, so that they can be grouped together with others of similar calibre, then it is perfectly fine. But if they reject students who fail their entry tests, then it's a little demoralizing for the kids. After all, they need help and want to improve then they go for tuition/enrichment right?

Besides, many tuition/enrichment centres take in all the good students, of course their students' results are good. It may not be that their teachers or teaching materials are good. It's just that the students themselves are better academically in the first place.

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