Monday, January 2, 2012

Celebrate 2012

How did you all spend your 31 Dec 2011? Did you spend it with your love ones? Did you do any countdown? For Robin and I, we went to Marina Bay for the countdown party and to see the beautiful fireworks! =)

First, we met at Marina Square for dinner. We had dinner at this place called Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee. It tasted great!

After dinner, we walked over for our countdown party. Boy, it was really crowded. There were many people - both locals and foreigners.

My wishes are on one of the wishing spheres!! Really hope that my wishes will come true. I will need to go and pray one day soon. 

The place looks really beautiful at night.

There was such a queue at the mobile toilets =.=

At first, I was taking photos of the fireworks then I thought why not I just take a video of it? There were 8 mins of fireworks but my phone no batt!! What a time to no batt =.= But I did use Robin's phone to continue taking the fireworks video. 

I just took this video from Elvin because my video only turned out to be 45s and I can't upload Robin's video!!!

People looking at the fireworks from Mandarin Oriental hotel. Great view lor!! Think must specify these rooms when you book the hotel.

Very crowded after the countdown. These are the people in front of me.

These are the people behind me.

Overall, it was a great experience except for 2 things.

1. It is really no food and drinks allowed. Can't even bring in plain water! This is like literally forcing us to buy drinks. My green tea cost $2 and Robin's ice mountain mineral water cost $2.

2. There was a human jam after the countdown. Really human jam!! Was stuck at the Esplanade area for 1 hour. Heard many people muttering and ranting around me. There was a guy who even argued with the Esplanade security staff. The Esplanade security staff really has attitude problem. Why the hell did he need to shout at people on New Year's day?

Also see the countdown celebration and fireworks in Taiwan:

And in Hong Kong:

And around the world. Youtube is so amazing. You can find all kinds of videos there!

Had wanted to type out my new year resolutions and 2011 reflections but I am really tired now. Will keep it for another time =)

Once again, may we all have a good year ahead of us!!


robin said...

may our wishes come true this year :)

--andy-- said...

wow, you collected all the global Fireworks countdown :)

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Yeah, I really hope so =)

@Andy: Yup, from youtube! Anyway, the 8 mins fireworks at Marina Bay was really magnificent!! Too bad you missed it!