Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I used to like going to Watson's but their customer service is really appalling. Don't bother to reply to customer's email. Said that will call me back but didn't. Hm.. Wonder why last time I worked, I am always very gan chiong about my customers. Said will get back to them then really get back to them. But now that I am a customer, the staff all seem so relax. Looks like Tierra is right. Both of us are really NOT suitable to do customer service. We are good to customers but bad to ourselves.

So what did Watson's do to me? Well, they cheated me 20 bonus points. I am supposed to get 20 bonus points for buying a Simple facial wipes but they didn't credit me the points. Okie, 20 points = $1 only and it's a small issue but... I just don't like their lousy attitude!

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