Thursday, July 14, 2011

I got an offer for a good job. Everything about the job seem good and satisfactory but... there's a 1 year bond involved. I hate to hear of the word bond. Besides, it is quite suspicious why they need a bond right? It's not as if they have sponsored my studies or anything so why should I sign the bond? They did give their reason. Anyway, I have rejected it. Hope that it's a good decision made.

I really really hope that one day I can get to stay by myself. I really want my own space. But I think that if I marry Robin, he will give me lots of space (although we are staying together). Sometimes, I feel that I'm often "at war" for freedom with my mum. So my mum asked me how much freedom I want. I also don't know. Perhaps I just want complete freedom??

I always admire those whose parents are like their friends. Have complete freedom and a good relationship, For me, I have to fight for everything so every fight leads to a cold war of some sort.

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robin said...

looking forward to 3d potter ;)