Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One of my colleague is emo-ing. Ah yoh! Coz he's the sticky kind of bf. Very scary leh. He said that he's worried about his gf's safety if she doesn't pick up his calls but 大白天的 what can happen? I mean, things can happen lah but sometimes we will surely have missed calls what. Like working or something..? Anyway, this type of people makes me very scared and stressed up. Heng, my 宝哥哥 is not like that.

I don't feel like consoling him or anything already. Don't think they can change their thinking/perspective. Wonder what will happen if I cannot find my bf. But got times where he missed my calls I also didn't emo what. Don't know lah. Maybe he's still young and immature. Or perhaps there's really no right or wrong. That's why some people are suitable to be together while some are not.

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