Friday, May 6, 2011

Tomorrow is Polling Day. This is a very hot topic currently in Singapore. I am under the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. Seriously, I have no idea who to vote for. So although I am very sleepy at the moment, I want to spend some time thinking things through and blogging about this now.

The PAP?


So anyway, one day when I was rushing to work, I received a pamphlet from a lady from SDP (sorry, really in a rush so I just took and go). I am not sure of her name. Okie, that's not the point. The point is.. I did go home and read through the pamphlet.

SDP has 10 promises in the pamphlet. Wanted to type them out but I feel lazy now. My dear lappie is damn lag now lor =( Anyway, just let me summarise how I feel or what I think okie?

Firstly, I feel that some of the points made by the SDP are a little too idealistic. Like reduce this and that and stop making unsafe investment. So where are they going to get the money from? Money will drop from the sky? You want to reduce the class size from 40 to 20. Then you need to hire more teachers, have a bigger space for more classes. So how? Don't tell me you want to increase the school fees. The parents will surely be unhappy. Don't tell me you want to reduce the teacher's salary. The teachers will be unhappy. What if you cannot get good teachers? I think there are not many teachers who teach for the sake of teaching. They are probably there for the $$ but they can be good teachers.

Now, don't tell me you want to increase the tax of the rich or something hor (not that I am rich). Why should the rich help to fund your children's school fees? Then they also don't want to make unsafe investment. Investment of course have risk one lah. But if you want to gain, you got to endure the risk. How to have all the good things? Where to get the funds from? Hm.. problematic. How to make everyone happy? The answer is we can't satisfy everyone.

Personally, I think nation building is not easy. We have come so far. Are we ready for a change? If can change for the better, of course we all want lah. But the thing is, are we ready for a change? What if it changes for the worse? This is not like employing some employee. Can give probation one. We got to endure for 5 years and 5 years is a long period of time. Many things can happen then. So are we all ready to gamble? To take a chance at the unknown? Or to keep things as they are. The decision is yours to make.

Vote wisely!

PS: I like my area. It is generally clean and nice and good. But I really hope that the transportation can be improved. The buses are seriously packed (especially during peak hours) and the MRT/LRT cannot get in one lor during peak hours. I only have 1 request from the government at the moment. To change the management of SMRT or something. Or to just revoke their license. Really lah. Their staff don't bother to reply to emails if not send a standard reply. Really don't know if anyone in SMRT is really concerned.

Today, the bus just passed by the bus stop without stopping (I saw an Indian guy flagging the bus) and it wasn't even crowded (plenty of space at the back). Heck, I wanted to take the bus too! Was so hungry and tired after doing OT yet the bus driver didn't wanna stop.

Then it's so strange. Why is there Yewtee train in the evening but not in the morning? SMRT didn't bother to reply to my email on that. KNS!!

Okies, wanna rest liao. So sleepy. Remember to be prudent in your vote okie?

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