Sunday, April 17, 2011

The General Election (GE) is coming. Saw so many articles regarding it on the newspapers. Am still not sure if I need to vote for my area. Anyway, to me.. What I am really concern is regarding the transportation in Singapore. Sometimes, I think that our public transport really sucks. Overcrowding and long waiting time. If I am not in a rush, I don't mind waiting for the buses but if the bus takes a long time to arrive, the overcrowding problem starts. Now I seriously HATE to squeeze with people coz I don't like them touching me, be it accidental or on purpose. Seriously, some guys/people might take the opportunity to molest innocent victim(s). If the bus/MRT is so crowded, it's hard to tell and those people will get away with it.

I am not sure if my MP can do anything but the transport minister can and should do something about it. I can see that they are building more MRT lines, etc.. which is good. But that is the long-term solution. Can't really see what they have done in the short-term. Okie, they did but it's not enough to solve the problem.

Maybe the MPs and Management of SMRT should take public transport to work, etc everyday. Then they will be able to empathize with the passengers better. Seriously, I think that SMRT cannot make it. Always give standard answers but see no improvement made. I don't blame the staff and didn't make things difficult for them. I know that they are just the employees and they are just doing their jobs. So now the point is.. Why didn't their management come up with some brilliant solution? I remember vaguely reading that the CEO of SMRT commented that people can still get on the bus/MRT and it is not overloaded yet (something like that lah, forgot liao). She mentioned that it's people who choose not to. Alamak~!! She so clever she go squeeze lah. Talk is cheap. I bet the CEO probably drive to work everyday.

Come to think of it, maybe should put in some competition for SMRT. If not, we complain and complain but we can't boycott them. So argh!!

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