Sunday, February 27, 2011

I just remembered.. Forgot to blog about my Valentine's Day this year. Haha~ Oops!

Took leave on Vday but my assistant suddenly fell sick so I went back to work halfday. Sianz lor. Haiz~

Robin came to pick me up from my office then we went to Harbourfront Centre to take the cable car up to Mount Faber for our Vday dinner. By the way, I don't really fancy the cable car ride as it was simply too SCARY! On the way back to Harbourfront Centre after dinner, the cable car was stuck in mid-air for probably about 5 mins but I was damn scared. Really panicked and on the verge of tears lor =(

Anyway, we had dinner at Emerald Lodge. The dinner was nice, the ambience was great and the staff were wonderful =) The price was still considered reasonable, so definitely a place worth going =)

Home sweet home after dinner as the next day got work.

PS: Robin bought me a pink bag from the souvenir shop at Mount Faber. Alamak. I have got so many bags loh. Heehee =P

Some photos to share...

The place where we had our Vday dinner.

Photo of a cable car ride

Somehow, I have difficulty uploading photos onto my blog. Argh =.= So for those who wanna view my photos, go visit my facebook lor.

In case anyone is wondering, I got Robin a pouch and wallet for the occasion =)

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