Monday, August 9, 2010


Omg man~ Just now I was so pissed until I got a headache and really feel like crying. So you might ask me what happened. Here goes...

First of all, I want to watch 施公奇案 2 but I can't as my internet connection is really very slow for the whole day. Okie, never mind. Then I can't even open any webpage/website. I can't use Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Hm.. So there must be a problem with my stupid internet provider - Singnet right? WTF lor, this is a recurring problem. The last time I called them, they asked me to change my cables. I did. Then they asked me to change my microfilter. I did too. Now this happened again. So, do they think that I am too rich? Can keep buying things to change for nothing? And also I have so much time to waste? To keep calling them.

Second, so I gave up talking to them as it is damn exasperating from all my previous experiences. Robin tried to help me but he ended up pissing me off too as he told me to follow the instructions of the customer service officer. They asked me to key in an IP address, and I did. Doesn't work. So they said to restart my computer for the new DNS thing to take place (not so sure what). Okie, I restart.. reboot my modem too. Then the IP address is gone =.= Really WTH okie? Nvm. I can't sign in to MSN either. Lagi worse. Only skype works. Only can use MSN with my hp which is troublesome as I will need to key in slowly. Can't really chat. Nvm too as I am so pissed, how to chat? No mood to chat with anyone as I don't want to vent my frustration on them. Later will end up scolding them only. Too pissed already!!

Third, so my problem is still unresolved. Hello?!?! I paid (okie, my brother paid but still...) $60 plus (including GST) for such a lousy service and connection. They think I/we are too rich?

So, should I/we switch to Starhub? But still under contract leh. Re-contracted not too long ago. Perhaps I should "force" them to let me terminate early or waive off my subscription fee since I am paying for nothing. Waste my time, effort and energy. Made me so tired talking to them. I need/want to answer some emails but I can't. Now, too tired already, thanks to them.

So, thanks to them again.. I will need to go home early tomorrow to do my stuff. Haiz~ I am so speechless also...

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