Monday, August 9, 2010

After talking to Yoyo, I was thinking.. Hm.. Maybe I shouldn't be such a difficult/demanding customer towards Singnet. Because I really don't know what goes on behind the whole internet connection thing. Well, I suspect maybe Singtel got not enough bandwidth liao lor.. Whatever~!

Anyway, so just now when I came home, I need to restart my modem again. WTH lor~ Damn sick of this. But I didn't call Singnet to complain. Oh well~ Sometimes, it's not easy to be a good customer. Will still get 气死。 I know it's not the staff's fault. It's the company's.. They should have more technical experts.

Oh yeah, have I mentioned this before? I do like the way DBS' CEO handle the DBS system down issue. I think he sounds very sincere in his apology and did not push away the blame. More importantly, I believe he will take steps not to let this type of thing happen again. Or at least try to. I hope that the CEO of Singtel/Singnet and SMRT can learn from him as I have seen so many complaints about these 2 companies but like not much improvements.. Hm.. I think not only Singtel/Singnet.. Starhub and M1 also got their problems. What's wrong with all our network providers?

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