Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haven't been blogging about any interesting thing. Nothing really interesting happens anyway. Boo~

Oh well~ Spent my last Saturday making up to my beauty sleep. Haha~ Felt like I had sleep deficit last week.

Went for family lunch at SICC on Sunday. After that, met Robin to go to Fossil to fix my Mum's watch. Then we have nothing to do! Haha~ Felt bored leh. Wanted to ask friends out but apparently no one is free/can/want to come out. Boo~ So we settled for a movie. Watched Robin Hood. Haha, because he is called Robin so we chose to watch Robin Hood. Super lame, I know but we are THAT bo liao =P The show is okie, not bad. Quite like the typical "war" type of show?

Caught a stuff toy for Robin while waiting for the movie to start. Think I am more and more pro in catching stuff toys. Haha!

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