Monday, December 28, 2009

Went to my relative's wedding dinner on 15/11. Sorry, so outdated liao. Oops~ I've finally uploaded the photos! =)

Ballroom at Hotel Intercontinental at Bugis.

My champagne. Cheers! =)

These photos are taken on 29/11:

My friendship ring with Diana =)

My new hairstyle =) I still like Freddie cutting my hair. He's good! =)

9/12~ A special day =)

Nice scenery at the Merlion there...

Floating stadium~

Condo by the river. I want to stay there. Looks cool =)

Preparing to go~

My Ducktour ticket!

Nicer picture of the nice condo =)

The new IR

The new IR under construction and the well-wishes white floating balls for the new year

The uploading of photos really took too long. Will continue posting more photos another time =)

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