Saturday, November 14, 2009

I think it is difficult to be a gal. Haha~ Got so many beauty products to learn. Nowadays, there's this new product called the bb cream aka blemish balm cream. It is getting more and more popular and it is supposed to be better and have more functions than the normal foundation. Besides that, there is also something called the primer which feels like the bb cream to me. Somehow, they seem alike to me. Not sure of the difference really.

Now, sometimes I feel quite paiseh if I have to ask stupid questions. Not to friends but if I have to ask the shop/sales person some stupid questions. But when I pick up calls during work, there are people asking the most ridiculous, weird and stupid questions. Some of their demands are also kinda unusual, which makes me wonder how did they come up with those demands.

I love to use M.A.C products but somehow I feel that their staff are not friendly. Don't know why I got that feeling. Hm..

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