Monday, November 2, 2009

Had a happening weekend. Let me just quickly blog. Haha~ No photo yet though coz my son spoilt and all the photos are still in my camera. Can't upload. Boo! I miss and want my son back!!

On Friday, had a "graduation" cum halloween party at Sheila's house after work. Starting from Monday, we will no longer be training/sitting together. We'll be separated into our respective teams. Ah~ Will definitely miss them. There are 3 other trainees who are in the same team as me. Yay! At least got accompany =)

Saturday.. Halloween night!! Woo~! Due to some problems with the costume shop (more about that another time), I didn't manage to rent my french maid costume. Haiz~ WTH lor.. Damn pissed. Oh well. So I just wore a dress to St James. Many thanks to Jiamin for doing my makeup for me. Thanks gal for making me feel pretty =P Haha~ Got many creative people. Huishan's friend's boyfriend is so talented. He drew a vampire face for himself which shocked us when he came out of the toilet. Haha~ Cool. Better than the $15 which Aden paid for the "pro" to draw him. Hm.. Overall, not bad =)

Sunday.. SCPS gathering. OMG! Haven't seen some of them in 11 years. Can't recognise some of them. We all become more handsome and beautiful. Wahaha xD~ Facebook is so cool. It manages to connect some of us back together again. Amanda is so cute. She still has the SCPS year book and asked everyone who came for the gathering to sign. Just heard that Chiki got married. Wow~ Amazing. Congrats =)

We had lunch at Waraku, chill out at TCC, before proceeding to Than Htike's house for mahjong. Haha~ I love mahjong! Didn't know that Pei Ting and Amanda are so good in mahjong. Yay! Then I have mahjong kakis liao. Woo~!

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