Saturday, September 5, 2009

Today (or rather yesterday), Diana gave me a graduation treat at Brotzeit. Thanks gal =) It was really nice of you. Ah~ After working for awhile, graduation suddenly seemed so far from me. It seems like years ago when I was still a student. Haha~ Anyway, we managed to catch up a lot with each other and reminisce the past. It was good. Missed all the food and things we ate and played in the past. Haha~ We both miss our primary school days where we used to keep going to the bookshop to buy things and ate those "junk" food in the tuckshop. Although we were from different primary school and different childhood, we played and ate almost the same things. Haha~ But kids nowadays play those computer games and PSP/DS which don't really interest us. We still prefer our zero point and barbie(s) =)

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