Saturday, September 12, 2009

I am feeling broke as there are so many friends whose birthdays are in September. Hm.. By the way, the service in 天天火锅 is bad. Have to wait so long before they come and start the fire for you, wait so long for them to change the aluminum foil, wait so long for them to top up the soup, etc.. Basically, it's just WAITING, WAITING and more WAITING. Am not going back there again anymore.

Was planning to celebrate Jiamin's and Rachel's birthday at 天天火锅. However, we couldn't stand it there as we were feeling hot sitting outside. No fan, nothing. In the end, we went to the Coffee Bean at Iluma to relax and cut the cake.

Anyway, it was great that we get to catch up with each other periodically. Quite a transition lah. Last time used to talk about school, tests, exams, projects, etc.. but now we talk about jobs, companies, how are we getting on, etc. It feels good to keep in touch even after we have graduated =)

PS: Too tired now. Shall continue the Tioman post soon okie? =)

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