Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day Trip to Johor Bahru

Robin and I went to JB sometime in December last year when City Square just got renovated. Lots of new shops, things to see and places to eat!! Haha. Looking at the photos, I am now thinking.. Should I go to JB again? The exchange rate between SGD and MYR is very good now. I have changed some money to keep when the exchange rate was around 2.8. Maybe I should change some more now? What do you think?

First stop after reaching JB. We went to do foot reflexology. You will see it when you walk from the Immigration Checkpoint to City Square. It's near the KFC. It is cheaper to do foot reflexology in JB than in Singapore.

Go JB must watch movie. Cheaper movie tickets. Haha.

Lunch at one of the Chinese restaurants.

Who else dare to put such an ugly photo? =.=

Is this considered cheap?

Random: Bought a new Doraemon water bottle. By the way, I have used this and water leaked into my bag when I used this. Gee!! So, I am using this at home now.

I went to REDS to cut my hair. For those who is interested to know, there is free wifi in the salon although I have problem connecting to it.

Tea break time!

Should I rebond my hair?

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Robin said...

Looking forward to enjoy more happy moments with you again