Monday, September 29, 2014

Review - Eighteen Chefs @ Orchard Cineleisure

Walked pass Eighteen Chefs in Cineleisure with Robin one day so decided to have our dinner there. To try it out. It is located at level 4 of Orchard Cineleisure. There was a small queue. I was not that hungry then so had little food.

Overall, I find that the food there is not bad but I don't like the customer service there. Or the lack of it. One good thing though is that they don't charge you service charge. 

Instructions on how to order.

The menu. Prices are pretty reasonable.

Got student privilege!

I love my chocolate in a jar ice-cream. Yum~!!

This was how much we have paid. There was a 10% discount for Safra members so do remember to bring your Safra card! But don't know if still got discount now. Go check it out yourselves.

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