Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review - The Ritz-Carlton Greenhouse

Had our company's Christmas dinner last year at The Ritz-Carlton Greenhouse. Was looking at my photos last night and found some photos regarding the company Christmas dinner. For more information, please check out their website - http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/Singapore/Dining/Greenhouse/Default.htm. Am not going to post all the photos as I don't want to expose all my colleagues here.

By the way, they do have quite a wide variety of food. Just that I was sitting near my boss so didn't want to keep taking photos of all my food. Haha.

Selfie before the dinner. Haha =)

Nice Christmas tree.

They have long tables there so it is suitable for big groups of people. But it's difficult to interact in long tables. Prefer round tables.

I love the black pepper crabs there. Yummy!

Overall, I think that the food and service there are not bad. Can consider going there for special occasions. Do take note that the dress code there is smart casual. 

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