Friday, February 14, 2014

Bartini Kitchen

I went for an event organized by Nuffnang and Bartini Kitchen sometime last year. Please don't ask me why I only blog about it now. I am sorry! I just tend to procrastinate so much and there are so many million things to do! You can see that I have neglected my blog. A lot. I am so sorry about that. Will have to motivate myself to blog and recover my passion to blog.

Anyway, Bartini Kitchen is located at 29 Boon Tat Street (CBD area). For more information about them, please refer to their website - It is a good place to chill on a Friday after work.

So anyway, the purpose of the event is to learn how to make Cocktails. Damn cool okie?!?! I have never tried it before.

Outfit of the day. I went after work.

Some camwhoring photos before the event began.

Another outfit of the day.

The bar section.

The bartender (I didnt't catch his name =.=) was explaining how to make coffee martini. That's what my group and I will be making on that day. The bloggers were divided into groups of 4 where we will make different kinds of drinks.

What we will need.


Live demonstration.

He's good!

Getting ready to make my own coffee martini!

Need to shake that thing really hard. No strength already!

 The end result.

Think mine was not so good. Oh well. First-timer what.

Cheers! =)

It actually tasted fine. Not bad okie?!?!

This was made by someone in our team. Hers is good!

While it was other group's turn to make their drinks, food was served to us. I love the food! Yummy!! Was famished by then.


I love this cheese macaroni. No idea what is that black stuff on top though. Think that it's truffle or something?

Please refer to the menu to see what there's to eat. If not, just head down there and ask for some recommendations.

Drinks by the other groups.

Time for some group photos!

Saw many pretty bloggers there!

I have won $50 vouchers. Can go there and eat again. Lolx~

PS: Do you think that there's something wrong with my photo size? Like too small or something?

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