Monday, November 4, 2013


I know. I probably shouldn't be complaining/ranting about my life. Generally, I think it should be considered not too bad compared to many people. I really don't know why I am just discontented sometimes. Perhaps there's something wrong with me or with my thinking? I don't know. Oh boy. I just wish that my life is more interesting. I just wish that my job is more interesting. I just wish that I am more interesting.

As we grow up, troubles seem to find its way to us. I wish that I can hide behind someone. Hm.. Who? It's so good to be just a child =)


Shan said...

Cheer up girl :)

Robin said...

To me growing up is part and parcel of life
Challenges will be ever present along the way
I will be there for you to face and overcome together anything that life throws at us
I am sure we can overcome any difficulties encountered