Monday, September 30, 2013

Review - Menya Musashi

Named after a legendary samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, who was famed for his double sword style, Menya Musashi has become a household name in Japan since making its debut in 1996. Credited as the pioneer of a new ramen culture in Japan, they strive to bring new experiences to customers through their revolutionary ramen. Featuring a creamier soup base than most ramen, it comes in white, red and black versions. The signature white tonkotsu broth is made with a substantial amount of pork bones.

There was a lot of hype when Menya Musashi first opened in Singapore. The queue was horrendous. Nowadays, the queue is not as crazy as before, and it is also partly because Menya Musashi has five outlets around the island.

Anyway, I still think that the best ramen which I have ever had was the one in JB City Square Mall -

By the way, the outlet which Onyee and I went to was the Raffles City outlet. I think it cost about $40 for both of us. Still reasonable.

The interior. Looks quite atas. Haha~


Robin said...

Seems delicious
Bring me go try one day too ok?

laviestclassy said...

looks delicious, cheers from Mexico

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Okie.

@Paola: Hi there =)