Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Korea Trip Part 9

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Our last day in Korea. Aww~ So fast! I am beginning to miss Korea already.

Getting ready for the day.

Our first stop for the day is to the Seoul Ice Gallery. It is the world’s first indoor ice sculpture gallery that is opened all year-round. The Ice Gallery is spread over 2 floors. The first floor and entrance is a big room with many tables and the reception area. Here for 5,000 won, you can experience what it is like to be an ice sculptor. You will be taught about ice and how to sculpt. You will be able to carve your own ice mug. Once you have completed your mug, you can sit back and have a nice drink using your own carved mug.

Getting ready to carve our own mugs.

The guy in the centre is the winner of the "Carved Mug Competition" among our tour mates. Didn't take any photo of my and Mummy's carved mugs. Don't know why I didn't but.. they were not nice anyway.

After the "Carved Mug Competition", we went to the Ice Gallery located in the basement of the building. The room is at a constant temperature of -5 degrees celsius. There are a few different sections in the ice gallery but the main theme is Korean Households. They have created replicas of toilets, kitchens and living rooms from ice. Towards the back of the Ice Gallery they have miniature ice sculptures of the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa and more. Finally, right before the exit they have an Ice Bar.

I'm an eskimo. Welcome to my home. Haha.

After the Ice Gallery, Michael brought us to visit the below place to look and buy Korean Ginseng. Sorry, no photo taking is allowed inside the place so I didn't take any.

Had lunch first before going to the KimChi school to learn how to make kimchi. Our lunch for that day is bak kut teh. I find the Korea bak kut teh weird and not enough meat. I still prefer the Singapore and Malaysia bak kut teh.

Getting ready to make kimchi.

The kimchi we had made. It would be donated to charity.

Different kinds of kimchi for us to try. We tried and bought 6 packets of squid and octopus kimchi. However, the 6 packets of kimchi tasted too salty when I came back to Singapore. Wonder why they tasted ok in Korea.

After the kimchi making session, we went downstairs to try on the Korean traditional costumes and take photographs.

I miss my camera.

Is that Rain? Sorry, I can't really remember the Korean artistes.

We gave Michael and Dawson their tips as that day was our last day in Korea. Somehow, Dawson managed to get us to give an additional 10,000 won as tips for Michael. So total our tips for him is 50,000 won (if I remember correctly). Can't really remember our tips for Dawson. In addition, we also bought a photo album of our Korea trip from Jackson as he had really helped us a lot during the trip. He helped us to carry our luggages, got us food, etc. The cost of the photo album is not cheap. It cost about SGD106. We spent until we didn't have enough money to buy more food back to Singapore at the local products store.

Michael and Dawson sang a song each for us to thank us for the tips. Lolx~

He dare not face us while singing. Shy. Haha.

Dawson and Michael.

Michael and Jackson.

We passed by the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Saw this gigantic crab in a Korea wholesale centre.

At the Incheon International Airport. Goodbye Korea.

Ate dinner at the airport before boarding the plane.

This aeroplane has design painted. Quite interesting.

Bought this cute Coke in Korea convenience store.

The wordings are in Korean.

Took this photo when I came back and unpacked. My purchases for this Korea trip. Didn't really buy a lot right?

Some photos which I have made with my iPhone.

Okie, this marks the end of my Korea trip. Ah~ I do miss it! I wanna go there again! Maybe during their spring time or something. Hope that it is all peace between North and South Korea.


Anunoy Samanta said...

finished reading your Korean journey....
it would have been nice to get some travel expenditure logistics in your posts as it'll help prospective travelers to plan with more confidence...
cheers :)

elderflowertea said...

@Anunoy: I know but I joined a tour group so there wasn't any logistics for me to plan. However, I will be blogging about my Hong Kong trip pretty soon which I did all the planning myself so it will be more detailed.

Cheers! =)

Anonymous said...

I am planning to book my 8-day korea tour with Hong Thai. Do you recommend after this trip with them?

elderflowertea said...

@Anon: Hi, if this is your first time to Korea and you would like to join a tour group, I would recommend Hong Thai =)

kimi_takashi said...

I love your Korea trip blog posts. I actually felt touched when I saw photos of you and your mum. It's nice to bring the folks out on holidays. Thank you for the great posts.

Anonymous said...

hihi, may i know what's the exact date that u went on this trip? thanks a lot.

elderflowertea said...

@Kimi: Thanks! =)

@Anon: I went on 2 Jan 2013.