Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SMRT Lost & Found

Recently, I dropped my handphone on bus service 171 and I managed to get it back. Thankfully, the bus captain found it and brought it back to Yishun interchange. So honest of him! If I remember correctly, his name is Teo Jun Wei. When I went to take my phone back from Yishun interchange, a guy told me to fill in a compliment form for the bus captain. It would have been better if the guy didn't tell me to write because I would send in an email to compliment the bus captain anyway. But since I was told to write, the feeling isn't that good but nah, I am still happy to get my phone back =)

So guys and gals. If you misplace anything on SMRT buses/trains/taxis, remember to call the SMRT Lost & Found at 1800 3368 900 asap. You may get your stuff back! It may not be immediately or what but there's still a chance that you will get it back =)


Phone:.( said...

Lol i dropped my iphone 5s in the smrt hole thingy from the door and wew i panicked and now im waiting for my phone :,(

elderflowertea said...

@Phone: OMG!! Then can u get back the phone?