Monday, May 21, 2012

Review on Kimage

Went to Kimage Prestige at Plaza Singapura for a haircut today. My hair stylist was Jason. He was ok but kept asking me to dye my hair or rebond my hair or perm my hair. Like WTF lah. Can't a customer just go in and simply cut her hair? They do serve drinks though and their drinks are so cute!

Before my haircut. Can't stand my long and messy hair!

After the haircut. How is it? I find it so-so only. Nothing fantastic. In fact, I actually wanna cut it shorter like my cousin but he advised me against it.

My cousin.

I think of maybe getting this length for bottom and back but I don't wanna cut my fringe like hers. Anyway, I just saw on the Kimage receipt that they guarantee all their work. If our hair-do is unsatisfactory, we can return to the outlet within 10 days with the receipt and they will do the rectification works free of charge. But then if our hair-do is unsatisfactory, we (I) don't even dare to go back to the same outlet to look for the same hair stylist.

Argh!! I still cannot find a good/suitable hair stylist!!! The home salon which I went to do rebonding the last time was good. It lasted quite long (for about 1 year). Even Jason said that it's good today. 

Cost of the haircut: $45. Totally not worth it.