Friday, August 26, 2011

Presidential Election 2011

This year is an exciting year for politics in Singapore. Besides the last General Election earlier on, the Presidential Election will be on tomorrow!

I will no idea who to vote for. Am listening to their speeches now. While listening to the speeches (now is Dr Tony Tan's speech, the way he speaks is really boring leh =.=), I am also googling about them. Ah yah,  I give you all the relevant link, you all go and read about it yourselves lah. So lazy to copy and paste =/

Tan Kin Lian -
Tony Tan -
Tan Cheng Bock -
Tan Jee Say -

Ah yoh. I just want a President who really cares about the citizens. Someone who can put Singaporeans/Singapore's interest at the top. Someone who can help to improve our lives and give us more jobs (instead to the PRs/foreigners).

So any suggestion?

PS: How come all the potential presidents' surnames are Tan? Hee~ So coincidental!

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