Friday, June 3, 2011

I really don't know why I am so suay. I already went to si ma lu and pray but my luck didn't seem to improve. Went for driving.. Mounted the curb twice when I did my crank course. Haiz~ then it rained and I got wet coz I didn't bring my umbrella. Next, wanted to book for my tp but no available slots. And there was something wrong with my account which they took some time to sort out. Ended up, I missed the ssdc shuttle bus (their dinner break liao) and got to walk all the way out to the bus stop. Wth lor. Dunno where is the bloody bus stop lor. Walked here and there.

Finally managed to take a bus back to Admiralty mrt. So thirsty. Wanted to buy green tea from the Shop and Save but it's bloody crowded. So many people and only 2 cashier counters are opened. So I didn't buy my drink. Ah yoh. And now I'm on the lrt when someone just stepped on my leg. Damn painful lah!! My day hasn't ended yet but I feel so tired now. Just wanna go home.

I think I am beginnig to be a zai nv coz I really dislike to go out nowadays. Whenever I'm outside, I feel so suay!

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