Sunday, March 21, 2010

Was supposed to meet up with Verlene and Jasmin on Friday but Verlene wasn't feeling well so we didn't get to meet. Met up with Diana for dinner instead and had great tomyam! I love the tomyam at Bali Thai. Much better than Thai Express. Don't know why I'm not sick of tomyam, like can keep eating that. Anyway, we had a great sharing and ranting session =) Bought quite a few things also.

Pre-celebrated my grandma's birthday on Saturday. Went for lunch at SICC. Got one waitress' attitude really needs improvement. Not sure is it because there are many picky people complaining to me that I have become picky as well. Argh! For work wise, the monthly store manager meeting is coming up. Got reports to complete. Haiz~ The difference between a temp staff/intern is that you are pretty free at work most of the time (at least, for me was lah) but when you are a perm staff, there's always plenty of stuff to complete (like now).

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3 varsities raise fees

I read in the Straits Times on Thursday that NUS, NTU and SMU are raising school fees again. Wah.. Lucky I'm out of the school already. I'm not sure if it will affect current students. I remembered reading that it will affect new students and students who had enrolled last year. Anyway, then someone from NUS called to ask if I would be interested to donate money to contribute towards helping to fund needy students for their education. Hm.. I told him to email me the details. I don't mind helping really needy students. But some students still can buy branded stuff, eat at restaurants and take cabs to school. I hope the school can really help those who deserve the help and not everyone. Some people can certainly help themselves!

Anyway, whenever I use my standard chartered card, a percentage of my spending is supposed to be given to NUS to help the needy students. So I emailed standard chartered to see what's the percentage amount. Someone from there called me and said will get back to me soon but until now, I haven't received any call. Don't know if they really called me but I do have some missed calls from unknown number. Anyway, I've emailed them so why can't they just simply reply my email? As my hp is set to vibration mode, I do get miss calls every now and then.

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