Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yesterday, I went to Sakura for buffet with Jeffery and his ex-colleagues. The place is pretty good. There are crabs there.. Chilli crabs, yay! But the crabs aren't really those big crabs, so it's kinda difficult to eat them. We went to the Balestier branch as they couldn't reserve seats in Orchard. Hm.. Perhaps one day, I should go try the Orchard branch coz Balestier is really far and inconvenient.

Our training for work is coming to an end soon. Ah~ I will miss the times in training. I will miss my trainee batch and Alvin too. Haha~ Last time thought that Alvin was fierce and stern when he was doing our QA. Sheila and I were kinda scared of him but now, he's fun and amusing. Haha~ He can joke in a straight face and it's hard to know if he meant what he said =.= Haha~ But he's interesting =)

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