Sunday, November 1, 2015

Taipei Trip Part 2

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As we booked our hotel room to come with breakfast, we woke up pretty early the next day to have breakfast.

A selfie early in the morning.

Breakfast spread. There are more, but I was just lazy to take photos. Hee~

My grandma with her breakfast.


After breakfast, we went shopping at Taipei Main Station. Yay!! We went to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station to get the deposit-based Easycard (悠遊卡). Not every station has the deposit-based Easycard. I don't know why I didn't take any photo of us shopping and our loots but we bought quite a number of things. I bought lots of masks, a bag, a pair of shoes, clothes (can't remember how many), etc..

We had our lunch at 點水樓 (Dian Shui Lou) which is located on the 11th floor of Zhong Xiao Fu Xing SOGO. You can check out their website ( for more information. The food is not bad but the service is no good. We had our lunch at 3pm plus to 4pm. Famished!

Do the xiao long bao look funny in this photo? Lolx~

Total cost of the meal is TWD1,000 plus.

We thought of going to Dan Shui after our late lunch but it started raining so we just shopped (again) around the area. It was a pretty tiring day!

We sent Ah Ma back to the hotel to rest while the 3 of us went shopping at 東區 area. Esther wanted to go to this new and huge clothing store, MIXXO. Heard that this brand came from Korea. The clothes there are not cheap. Had a great time trying clothes and managed to buy 2 tops.

We shopped until around 10pm. Lots of shops were closed and we haven't had dinner. Decided to eat somewhere near our hotel. I wanted to try 非常泰 (Very Thai) as I saw a good review about it on Trip Advisor. Esther googled the restaurant and found that it is opened until quite late. Think probably around 2 or 3am? Anyway, you can check out their website ( for more information. The food there is really great! I really like their food and service! Very attentive service. The waiters kept refilling our glasses with water automatically. Didn't even need to ask them. By the way, it was pretty cold in the restaurant. I would recommend you to bring a cardigan or scarf.

Tomyum soup on a cold and raining night. Shiok!

A satisfying dinner to end our tiring day. The meal cost TWD1,000 plus but it was very worthy. Thumbs-up!


Robin said...

Nice place to shop and explore

elderflowertea said...

@Robin: Yeah, I like Taiwan!