Monday, November 30, 2015

Review - Chicken Hot Pot

Met up with Onyee quite recently at Jurong Westgate. I am glad that I am now quite up to date with my blog posts. The keyword here is quite. Meaning, I am not exactly up to date with my blog yet but I will be soon. Isn't it great? Like finally! Keeping my blog up to date also helps me to remember the things that have happened. If not, sometimes I really cannot remember what to blog about.

Anyway, there are so many things to eat in Westgate. So many choices! Onyee suggested that we go to Chicken Hot Pot which is located at level 4. Chicken Hot Pot is a franchise from Hong Kong. The food is ok, pretty standard to me. But I really like eating hot pots. Haha. In fact, I am sort of craving for it now! The service there is also ok. We spent about $30 in total.

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