Monday, November 2, 2015

Taipei Trip Part 5

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After Jiufen, the driver dropped us off at Ximending for some shopping. Decided to eat the famous 阿宗麵線. I didn't have this the last time I was in Taiwan. It is really very delicious. Will definitely want to try it again.

Milk tea. How can come to Taiwan and not drink their milk tea? But this is for Mum. Actually, I bought it but decided that I don't really like it that much. So, I gave it to my Mum. Oops~

I prefer the honey milk tea.

After shopping in Ximending, we took the metro back to our hotel to put down our things and rest for awhile before heading out for dinner. Planned to go to Mr.J 義法廚房 for dinner. Looking forward! Oh yeah, do take note of the opening hours. I think that we reached at about 8pm plus and the last order is actually at 9pm. Anyway, for more information, you can check out the restaurant's website here -

Took a selfie on the metro. I like how people kept giving up seats to my grandma. So nice :) Thank you!

We took a cab to Mr.J 義法廚房 as we were not very sure how to go to the restaurant and it was pretty late. The restaurant is located inside Taipei Medical University.

Saw Taipei 101 on our way there. Do you know that the colours of Taipei 101 change everyday? That was what the cab driver told us.

Reached :) It is not difficult to find the place.

Was very busy taking photos in the restaurant. Haha. I can't even remember the name of the dish which I have ordered. Anyway, I have ordered a set meal with spaghetti. You can see the photos later. The food is really not bad. Can go there again!

The interior. It was pretty empty. I guess it was because they were going to close soon. 

The menu.

Our food!!

Dessert :)

We ate our food pretty quickly. It was drizzling when we left. Took a cab back to our hotel.

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