Friday, October 30, 2015

I wanna rant!! Today is just not my day. Had stomachache when I was about to end work. Then I had stomachache again when I was on the bus on my way home. Had to alight at Somerset to go to the toilet. 

After going to the toilet, I went to Cold Storage to buy things. Don't know why.. Somehow it's so hard to keep to my budget of $10 a day for weekdays. By the way, there's a buy one get one free promotion at Cold Storage for the Cold Storage branded wet tissue. There's also a promotion for Kleenex tissue. I got 2 packs (8 packets in total) of 50 sheets tissue for $3.50. There's also promotion for tidbits!

Anyway, bought a few things and had to carry my purchases home which were quite heavy. Wanted to go to the ATM to withdraw money for allowance but can't find the ATM. When I finally got to the ATM, I just withdrew money for my Mum's allowance but forgot to withdraw money for myself to use. Gee! There was a queue for the ATM afterwards and so I don't bother. Shall withdraw money again tomorrow. Wanted to pay my credit card bills but I didn't write down the amount which I was supposed to pay. And I really can't remember the amount. Oh well. Need to pay my credit card bills tomorrow.

And now my phone data is going to exceed =.=

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