Monday, November 2, 2015

Taipei Trip Part 3

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I have lots of photos for this part. Guess where would we be going? Haha. But first, photos of my breakfast!

Getting ready to set off.

After breakfast, we set off for 九份 (Jiufen). The night before, we asked the hotel staff to arrange for a cab for us. We booked the cab for 5 hours. I'm really sorry but I forgot the cost of the cab now. There is wifi in the cab and you can even charge your mobile phone. So cool!

Setting off in the cab.

This is our cab.

The driver stopped somewhere along the way for us to take photos of nice scenery. I have no idea what this place is called though. But I really like the place :)

Why did I keep slouching when taking photos? Hm..

I love this photo. Please click on it for a clearer photo.

Do you see that there are 2 colours?

Does this look like a king kong?

Very beautiful waterfall :)

Candid photo!

Don't ask me why but somehow the photo look weird. Just click on it to view then it will not be so weird.

By the way, the driver took a photo of us using his mobile phone, which I don't really like. I think that he is going to keep the photo in his tablet to show other customers. He showed us many photos of other people on the way here.

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