Monday, June 15, 2009

On Sunday, 14/6, I attended a wedding with Jeffery. It's a joyous occasion =) Congrats to the couple. Then I have 2 conflicting thoughts. 1. I also wanna get married. Yay! 2. I do not have the confidence to get married. It's not easy to live with someone who has different living habits, etc from you. Hm.. But one thing I wanna do.. Make my husband drunk on the wedding day. Lolx~ Coz it sounds fun! And I wanna be in the 姐妹涛 (dunno if the tao is the correct chinese word) and make things difficult for the brothers. Haha~ Sounds fun. Quick my gal friends, faster get married xD Then hor.. If I wanna get married, I wonder who I can ask to be in my 姐妹涛?

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