Friday, June 19, 2009

Argh!! I hate to blog about negative and sad things coz I think my blog is already saddening enough. But it's late already now and I don't wish to bother/burden anyone with my trouble(s). Just now I was so sleepy as I watched some videos so I decided to turn off my laptop and sleep. However, tears just rolled down my cheeks as I lay on my bed. I feel suffocated and I cannot breathe. I hate people to flood my phone, I hate people to question me and I hate people to tell me to entertain them just because they are bored. Hello?!?! I'm not an entertainer, I don't get paid, so why should I entertain you (people)?

Oh well~ I feel so tired of everything. I need a break from all of this. Maybe one day I should just disappear and take a long trip by myself. Hm.. That would be cool. I wish that there's still summer programme for me to join lor.

That day, I watched Kelvin and Kimberly's wedding video. It is really touching. Can go through long distance together. Hm.. I admire couples who can overcome the long distance hurdle. At least, one party didn't selfishly demand the other party to stay because of him/her and let him/her soar higher for his/her/their future. Hm.. Will I ever meet someone who can have my interest(s) at heart? Someone who truly loves me, someone who is afraid of pissing me off, someone who can make me happy.

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