Monday, June 1, 2009

OMG! I can't sleep again. So many sleepless night. Just now I just pulled out a strand of white hair on my eyebrow. Really OMG lah! Since when I've got white hair? Haiz~~ Sad!

Anyway, today as I was feeling upset on msn, Verlene and Chris asked me out. Ha~ Thanks guys (but Verlene is a gal). Chris' friend, Daniel, joined us. We went to the flea market at China Square. Ah~ Many toys there. The pink minnie mouse which I saw in those "catch stuff toys" machine is sold there. And only for $15 (maybe still can bargain). Hm.. Think it will be cheaper than when you try catching it from the arcade bah. Anway, we walked from Cityhall to China Square in the scorching heat. So damn hot lah, melting liao. Regretted walking, should have taken the bus =.=

Went to Hans for drinks. Wah.. the Hans at Raffles Place area is damn big and nice lah. Too bad I didn't bring my camera out. I had coke float. Haha~

After that, we walked back to Cityhall and I met Jeanette for dinner. After dinner, we went to explore Raffles Hotel. Haha~ Photos are in Jeanette's camera. After that, we just walked down to Bugis and shop. Am totally tired out from walking here and there.

But anyway, thanks to everyone for trying to cheer me up. I appreciate it =) And thank you Diana for calling me when you came back to Singapore tonight. Just came back already concern about me. I miss complaining/confiding in you lah! But glad that you had fun in Sydney. See you on Tuesday =)

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