Thursday, June 11, 2009

I wanted to sleep just now but I can't. Still feel like bursting.

Today was one of the worst days. Went for an interview at DBS, PWC building. Due to me not being in the mood to redo my resume last night, I thought of doing it this morning. But I overslept and woke up in the afternoon. Rewrote some parts of the resume before getting ready to go down for the interview. Oh, and there was something wrong with the MS Word. Cannot copy and paste. Argh! As I was getting late, I took a cab down. The cab driver drove one extra round around the place before dropping me off at the wrong buliding. WTH! I still got to walk back. He got no ethics lor. Don't know how to go say don't know how to go lah. Bluff me said always fetch people from PWC and know the way very well. WTH! And in my rush to the place, a taxi almost knocked me down.

So nevermind, I was late for the interview. Did a speed and accuracy test before going into the interview room. The interviewer did commented why was I late. She was going to mark me as absent already. Yeah, I'm so sorry about being late. Haiz~ Anyway, she asked me some tough questions. Eg: What do you think of DBS? Wah.. I was stunned coz.. hm.. don't know why also. And still got other questions which I don't think I've handled them well. Don't think that I can get the job. Then the interviewer actually said that I should read up more on the company and job positions available, etc. Haiz~ So sad lor. Yeah, I should have done my homework beforehand. Opportunity wasted.

After that, I was going to meet my mum for dinner when someone called me. There goes my one day of peace. OMG! One day of peace~ It's just one bloody day also cannot. I still feel like bursting coz I totally cannot sleep now which will affect me tomorrow. Same old cycle repeats. It gets really annoying. Anyway, becoz of all these, I got lectured and nagged at by my mum. Like wth~ I also didn't do anything wrong.

On the way home, there was this gal who turned on her hp so loud on the bus, thinking that everyone appreciates her music. Oh my~ What happened to being considerate these days? Why are people not being considerate anymore? Then my mp3 got no batt and the bus broke down. I was stuck in the bus and it was extremely hot. And I dropped my earring, and it broke. Sad-ded~

Now, I got to force myself to do something I've never enjoyed doing. I hate reporting. Gee!! It's like I'm under probation or something. Don't know why, I've done nothing wrong, why am I being treated this way? Anyway, the feeling of distrust is getting stronger. All of a sudden, I hate my life now. I want a new life yet I don't want to die. Maybe I should suffer from amnesia? So that I can forget about everything. The question is.. how to suffer from amnesia? Go and knock my head? I don't understand how come people who are supposed to love me are so bent on ruining my life. Now, I'm really unhappy, maybe the person is rejoicing somewhere. He can pop champagne and enjoy it.

Hm.. does it sound like a very bad day?

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