Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I cannot sleep! Argh!! So I'm gonna blog about what I've been doing. Lately I've just blogged about my thoughts and feelings but not about my activities.

Last Friday, 12/6, I wasted my time to be attached to a trainer to do a "residential project" when it's all about sales. Speaking of it just simply makes me mad! And it's in Serangoon, like so damn far. Reached home only at 9pm plus. It's exhausting and I've rejected the job. I think and feel that many companies are not defining/explaining their job scope properly and they wanna con people to do sales. Companies are so smart nowadays, they can set the wages as all commission based. Then if the employee didn't help to bring in any revenue/sales, the company didn't have to fork out a single cent to pay him. So good hor?

Didn't do anything much on Sat, 13/6. Just went to PS. But did have a good talk with Jeff. Well, hope so it's good lah.

As I've mentioned, 14/6, I went to a wedding dinner at Jurong West Safra Club. Photos will be uploaded later as I'm just simply lazy now. Paiseh. Or I'll upload them altogether in facebook one day.

10/6, I went to explore the NUS Alumni and Guild House. Photos will be uploaded on facebook =)

Suddenly, it feels like there's so much negativity in my life. Hello?!?!?! Life is supposed to be good now since I'm neither studying or working. Although the job seeking process is damn sianz but.. it certainly is less stressful than studying or working right? Alamak! What's wrong with my life siah? On the other hand, when I think about it seriously, nothing much seems to be wrong right? Am I too free until I make a mountain out of a molehill? Then actually when I look at other people's problems, they also seem very minor leh. Hm.. Is there something which can drive away the negativity in me and the people around me?

Lastly, how to be more thick-skin and less self-conscious? I want!! Oh, and my commencement is on 7/7. Who wanna come? But cannot go in and sit. Got to stand outside and wait. And I don't know need to wait how long. No idea how long the ceremony will take.

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