Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I've got many things to blog about but I feel more and more lazy to blog. Don't know how life can suddenly become so interesting with so many things happening. Happy, sad stuff etc.. also have.

Anyway, on Monday, 1/6, went to Jeffery's house to return him his sweater and take back my DVD in the morning. Regarding us, I don't know what to say. Things are well.. difficult to explain, complicated. Haha~ That's why facebook got this complicated relationship status right? Meant for people like us.

After meeting up with Jeffery, I went to meet Diana at Orchard. Diana and Jeffery chatted on the phone until my hp got low batt. Then it just died =.= Can't even turn it on. Lucky I copied down Bao Chuan's number before it auto shut off. Anyway, I don't understand why the same issue, I told Diana and Jeffery, Diana can understand it but Jeffery can't (or takes a much longer time =.=). Then when Diana explained things to Jeffery, he can understand it but when I explained it to him, he can't. Now, is there anything wrong with his communication skills or mine? Haha~ Or should I just simply compliment that Diana has excellent communication skills. Hee~ We need to communicate more but what is ideal to me is effective communication. No need to spend so much time explaining here and there yet can understand each other thoughts.

Anyway, after talking to Diana, I realised one thing. In a relationship, both sides got to compromise. But what is ideal is to find someone matching so that there is minimal compromise. That would be so perfect but some people take a lifetime still cannot find such a person. Actually, I've found the person.. She's Diana. Haha~ If only she's a guy or I'm a guy. That would be wonderful. We have never quarreled in our 10 years of friendship. So that day, we tried to quarrel but cannot leh. She irritated me, I scolded her but she just laughed it off. WTH~ Like that how to pick a quarrel? Okie, I know we are so damn bo liao.

But come to think of it, we do match what. We think quite alike. For eg, we both think that even if in a relationship, we can still befriend the opposite sex and go out with them. Even if it's a one-to-one. If my bf and I don't think alike, surely we'll argue over this then one side got to compromise. But whichever side who compromises, won't be that happy right? I mean, there will always be this tinge of unhappiness mah. So isn't it great to find someone who thinks like you? Like for eg, if you are the clingy type and your partner is the clingy type, both of you can stick to each other. How perfect! If you aren't the clingy type, and your partner aren't the clingy type, both of you will also be happy and stress-free. Haha~ Coz I know it gets stressful and 烦 if someone always clings onto you. It's not that the person doesn't love you or anything. It's just that everyone has their own different needs. Some people just need more personal space and time than others. Okie, so now I wonder.. Is it better to work together to compromise or search for the person who matches very well with you? I think Eileen and Jake match quite well together as both of them think along the same line. Anyway, I think trust is very important. If you don't allow your partner to go out with members of the opposite sex, it's like not trusting them. Not trusting that they can withstand seduction. I would rather my bf has the ability to reject seduction, etc.. than not allow him to meet with members of the opposite sex.

Back to the day. I met Bao Chuan at Newton MRT at 6pm. After that, we went to Sheraton Towers for dessert buffet. Haha~ Some people have been asking me where is the dessert buffet. Well, it's located in Sheraton Towers, The Dining Room. Nearest MRT is Newton and it starts from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. It costs $18++ per person but there's a 1 for 1 discount if you use Amex card. Wah.. free advertising. Anyway, that place has a nice ambience, the food is okie. I like the strawberry shortcake.

The juicy bag which I like =)

Our dessert spread.

Nice scenery outside.

My fav - Strawberry shortcake xD

Bao Chuan~


The interior.


The exterior.

Wow, I've already uploaded quite a number of photos here. More can be found on my facebook. Lazy to upload everything here. Anyway, after the buffet, Bao Chuan wanna eat some proper food so we walked over to Newton to continue eating. OMG!! After that, we waited for Bao Chuan's bf to come and fetch us home. Was completely drained out by the time I reached home. Didn't even bother to charge my hp.

One of my friends just broke up. Maybe should be counted as 2 coz I know both the guy and the gal. But not gonna blog about them. Don't wanna say people's things. Just wish them all the best =)

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