Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gee~!! Facebook is making me pek chek. Takes such a long time to upload photos and my photos aren't in order so I have to delete them and upload them again. Then now, I have to upload a few photos by a few photos. Can't select all and upload it at once. Like really WTH~! Grrr!! And my windows live mail is giving me problems. Haiz~!

Anyway, had a great day yesterday. Went to do fish spa with Calin at Qian Hu Fish Farm.

The pond where we did our fish spa.

Fishes, come to mama~ Haha~

It looks kinda scary =/

Calin and me.

Lolx~ This is cute =)

Saw some damn expensive fishes. Like there's a fish called premium high gold cross back which costs $5,188. Wow~

This is how the $5,188 fish looks like.

There are many other fishes photos which I've taken. Am uploading them on my facebook. Haha~ It's good that one album in facebook can take up to 200 photos now. Last time can only store 60 photos per album then I got to have so many albums =/

Anyway, Jeffery met us at Lot 1 after our fish spa. Whew! The weather is HOT! Anyway, we took 190 down to Central as Calin wanna check out this new pastry cum cake shop. But in the end, cannot find it there. Like so dotz. Next, we went to have dinner at Pepper Lunch. Got a 30% discount. Haha~

My dream car. Yay! Speaking of that, I need a driving license but I haven't overcome my fear of driving =(

My graduation gift. Is it cute? I want flowers on my grad day! xD

Cute Tigger?

I love my birthday book cum organiser.

Can you spot my birthday?

See how cute it is? =P

Nowadays got one little boy who is trying to piss me off everyday. Boo hoo~ Meanie~!! Calin and I were quite bo liao yesterday. We tried to compare who reached home first if she took 502 and I took 190. In the end, we reached home at about the same time. Haha~

PS: Seems like my English proficiency level is deteriorating. My blog isn't well written. Boo hoo~ Shall improve on it the next time. Now, am tired already. Nightz =)

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