Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am an adult and I wanna be treated like one. There's a reason why the government allows people to drink at 18. Anyway, I am old enough to be responsible for my own actions and I will be responsible for myself. I am capable of making my own decisions. I don't need/appreciate any unnecessary "help/suggestions/advices". Maybe this may sound mean but I just want to do the things I want to do. Why can't I? I'm not harming anyone, I'm not breaking the law. I seriously believe that everyone has the basic human rights not to do things they like. Gosh, I feel so stifled and unhappy that I cannot sleep.. again~

That's why I went to google about overprotectiveness.



"Overprotective parents hurt kids in more ways than one." I agree with this.

"Being overprotective prevents children from experiencing life, both the positive and the challenges." Yes, I just wanna experience life, enjoying the positive things and embrace challenges myself.

"There was an incident a few years ago where my daughter's whole class was invited to a party - except for two students. While the mother of the birthday girl was obviously wrong in allowing her daughter to exclude two children, the parents of the two girls handled it in entirely different ways. One called the mother of the birthday girl and demanded that her child be included, which she was - begrudgingly. The other mom let her daughter hurt, consoling her, but not interfering. Did the first mom prevent her daughter from hurting? Of course not. The emotional pain came from not being invited in the first place. All that child learned was that she's not emotionally strong enough to handle rejection and that her mom will always step in to take care of her.

If as an adult that girl isn't invited to the wedding of a co-worker, will she expect her mom to call and insist on an invitation?" Frankly speaking, I prefer to be the child of the mother who let me hurt yet will console me.

"All children need an opportunity to explore the world physically and emotionally without constant interference from their parents in order to become confident, responsible and independent adults." How true.

The above applies to boyfriends/husbands. You must trust that your girlfriends/wives can take care of themselves. They also need to experience many parts and parcels of life without you okie? You don't have to prevent them from hurting. Like the mother who let the child hurt, you guys also let your girlfriends/wives hurt, just be there to support and console them if they need. I'm sure that's all they need. They don't need any interference. Then they can emerge as a stronger person who knows how to resolve her own problems. I think this will be good for their emotional well-being. Lastly, although on the surface, it's care and concern for your other half, but in actual fact, they feel so suffocated. Over time, I think it will make them feel useless coz they will begin to doubt their decisions and in the worst scenario, they can't even make decisions for themselves. So if you all really love your other half, you would do things that will benefit them in the long run =) It may not be easy but I believe if you really love them, you can do it.

Ah ha! So everyone, just leave me alone okie? Even if I fall, let me fall. I'll learn my lessons and pick myself up. Don't worry, if I need help, I'll cry for help.

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