Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Taiwan Trip Part 8

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Last part of my Taiwan trip. Aww~ I am missing Taiwan now. By the way, I saw this couple who were on our tour group for our Korea trip (http://www.coffeeluvs.blogspot.sg/2013/03/korea-trip-part-1.html) while having breakfast in Aqua Bella. So coincidental! They were going to stay in City Inn Hotel Plus Ximending Branch after Aqua Bella. 跟我们相反。

 Buffet breakfast spread.


 My outfit of the day.

Explored a little around Beitou before heading back to the hotel to pack our luggages and check out afterwards. Went to return our Easy Card at Beitou MRT station and got the remaining value refunded to us in cash. Beitou MRT station looks very unique. Don't know why I can't find the photo now. Maybe I forgot to take a photo of it? Oh well. Please go and google it then.

 Bought a drink from Starbucks. 

Oh yeah. The hotel staff called a cab for us to bring us to Taoyuan International Airport. The cab fare cost TWD1,200. The cab driver didn't turn on the meter. He said that it's a fixed price if we want to go to the airport. Not sure how true but since we were in a hurry, we took it. That's the most expensive cab fare I have ever paid. It was about SGD50 plus. Gee.

After Robin and I have checked in our luggages, we had lunch in the airport food court .

 I was not that hungry so just had spicy fried chicken.

 Some stuff from Taiwan. Forgot to take a photo of the mochi which I bought for my colleagues.

My Mum had a birthday cake for me when I returned. Yay!

Thank you Mummy!! =)

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